Photo Booth FAQ’s

How many pictures can we get at a time?
You can get unlimited photos during the time and keep yourselves engaged in the fun events.

Is the photo booth user-friendly?
Yes, it is easy to use. You will just need to follow on screen and voice commands. We have a booth attendant as well to guide you.

How long does it take to setup a photo booth completely?
It usually takes 30-45 minutes so we arrive an hour before the start of your event. The time required to setup is free of charge and is not counted as a part your run time.

Can we use the booth for night casino events?
Yes, you are free to use it at night as it has all the lighting it needs.

I want to book a photo booth, what is the next step?
If you like to book please email us with all your booking details like date, time, name and address).

How much space is required to setup photo booths?

The Mirror Photo Booth requires the following for operation purposes: 10 x 15’ solid level floor space, one 120V electrical 3 prong outlet at least 10 amps within 50 feet (along a wall) of the set up area. The circuit must be free of all other connected loads. In case the contracted date is scheduled to be outdoors, the purchaser  will furnish at their expense, a 20×20 leak proof protective tent with sidewalls, (NO POP-UP TENTS) for the Mirror Photo Booth.

What are the additional expensed ?(If any)

(If Location Requires Liability Insurance, Purchaser Is Responsible For $100 Add On Fee for Standard Insurance. Any additional expenses incurred by BAM Photo Booths such as parking fees, additional insurance, permits, etc….will be reimbursed by the client to BAM Photo Booths prior to the event.)

When and How do i need to pay?  

All overtime is to be paid to BAM Photo Booths at least 1 hour prior to the contracted ending time. All overtime payments must be in CASH ONLY.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

What if i want to cancel?

All cancellations must be in writing and received by BAM Photo Booths at least 90 days prior to the contracted event or the purchaser is fully and completely liable for the entire balance owed in the following paragraph. Purchaser will also be liable for all court costs and attorneys fees if contract terms are breached and not fulfilled completely.

In case of cancellation, is the amount refundable?

Full Amount shall be paid by the purchaser to BAM Photo Booths as a down payment for the above contracted event no later than 5 days of receipt of this contract or the contract will be null and void. If the above said date is cancelled, all payments and pre-payments are absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE.

Can children under 13 utilize photo booths?

Children love our photo booths and we love making everyone happy. In some cases, however, we may decide to enforce our “children under 13” policy in an effort to maintain order in and around the photo booth. The “children under 12” policy states that Children under the age of 13 will not be permitted to utilize the Mirror Photo Booth without an adult present. The adult does not need to be in the photo with the child/children, but they must be supervising. We very rarely have to enforce this policy but will not hesitate in the event of incident.

What do i need to know In Case the Event is Outdoor?

In case the above contracted date is scheduled to be outdoors, the purchaser  will furnish at their expense, a 20×20 leak proof protective tent with sidewalls, (NO POP-UP TENTS) for the Mirror Photo Booth.

What are the Liabilities for outdoor event?

The Owner Of The Mirror Photo Booth has the right to refuse to set up at their discretion if tent is not suitable. Purchaser will be fully liable for any damage done to the Mirror Photo Booth due to negligence on the purchasers or their guest’s part or inclement weather damage due to non suitable requirements at the above contracted event. Furthermore, purchaser will also be liable for any missing props or damage done to any props at purchasers expense.

Who holds the copyright of pictures taken at photo booth?

All photos are property of purchaser and The Mirror Photo Booth. The commercial use of the photos without proper acknowledgement/permission from BAM Photo Booths and The Mirror Photo Booth is prohibited. BAM Photo Booths and The Mirror Photo Booth are not liable for missing photos, if any.