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  • BAM Oval Interactive Mirror Photo Booth

    Mirror Photo Booths are the most trending photo booths in entire Bay Area CA. Looking to have a mirror photo booth for your wedding party, corporate event or a birthday party? Mirror Photo Booth is the ideal solution, we specialize in providing the hottest interactive mirror photo booth experience.

    Beautiful, big and chic, the BAM Oval Interactive Mirror Photo Booth is the flagship animation par excellence. Equipped with a giant touch mirror, your guests will only have to play the game for an experience out of the ordinary.
    A stand-alone human-sized screen, It is installed on the place of your events and each participant can have fun shooting selfies, alone or with friends. According to their desires, they can print it instantly, send it by e-mail or post it on social networks.

    BAM Oval Interactive Mirror Photo Booth has all the latest technologies: SLR camera with flash, ultrafast and high-quality printer, photo paper, etc. Complete with the most advanced software, 24/7 support. We put our fabulous Mirror photo booth, with a huge touch screen and animations that are activated when someone approaches.

    Its unique design, powerful software and affordability makes it a most sought-after photo booth in San Francisco Bay Area. Features includes hi-resolution DSLR camera with magic glass touch-screen interface, High Definition Color Printing, Gesture and movement detection . It uses a powerful photo booth software which makes all kind of customization possible such as social media sharing, GIF animation and real video.

    Guests will be surprised with our wooden-framed mirror and have a amazing fun and interactive photo experience, with colorful animations and a voice guidance that can be easily printed and shared on social media.

    Oval Mirror Photo Booth is an exciting choice for corporate events, wedding parties and trade shows. Enjoy the magic of the BAM OVAL MIRROR PHOTO BOOTH to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Get the best mirror photo booth rental in Bay Area, CA.

    Attractive, intuitive and simple, Mirror Photo Booth will be the little extra that will make your wedding and your event truly unforgettable.

  • BAM Tower Interactive Mirror Photo Booth

    Want to have the best wedding/Corporate event of the year? Want something that people will talk about for long after your event? Our BAM Tower Mirror Photo Booth in San Francisco Bay Area CA is what you need. It works in a very simple way. When you approach the 6 feet tall, mirror with pristine quality, tempered glass and an all-aluminum body, you are prompted with colorful animations and voice guidance. Its a great way to entertain your guests and send everyone home with great keepsakes for years to come.

    The Mirror will start sending you funny messages and taking photos, videos and animations. Once the photos are taken, you will have a unique memory and can print them instantly and share them on social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    A fun way to interact with the public and give visibility to an event through social networks. The user immerses himself in a magical world, takes a souvenir photo and a pleasant experience through the Mirror Photo Booth Rentals in San Francisco CA.

    BAM Tower Mirror Photo Booth combines the experience of having a “selfie” with the importance of having full-length photos. We ensure the quality of the photographs taken with a camera of the latest technology and high performance. The DSLR camera mounted on the Mirror Photo booth rental will take any type of photo you want; either alone, as a couple or even in large groups (up to 50 people in one shot). All at maximum speed. Printing in less than 10 seconds

    ✅ Areas We Serve – The San Francisco Bay Area, CA , Silicon Valley & other nearby locations including: San Mateo, Oakland, San Carlos, Atherton, Palo Alto CA, Castro Valley CA, Pleasanton CA, San Bruno, Santa Clara, San Jose

    Wedding photo booths are a great way to capture the fun and excitement of your wedding reception. Let’s book a mirror photo booth today. See our Packages at best price available.

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