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Rising Trend of Mirror Photo Booths

Party trends keep on changing with the times. The latest addition to these parties is a photo booth, and it has taken the party scene of San Mateo by storm. People in San Mateo are fun-loving and love to make their events special. Here, mirror photo booths are more popular amongst the locals. Of late, irrespective of the event, there is a huge demand for mirror photo booths in San Mateo.

According to Kristin Banta, an LA-based event planner, photo booths were popular for the past 15 years, but of late, it has witnessed a sudden shift in demand. The demand is such that people for opting for photo booths instead of Djs for their special events.   

As per Global Photo Booth Market 2019-2024, geographically, the consumption of photo booths is more in America, Europe, India, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. In terms of the year 2016, Europe topped the list with the largest market share, i.e., of 151.07 million USD (sales revenue), followed by America with 22.05% of the market share. America has an important role to play in the global market.    

Leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various others have also become a common sharing platform for all photo booths activities by the users. 

 photo booth san mateo ca

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Are you looking for a Photo Booth in San Mateo CA

If you are having a birthday, marriage, anniversary, or any other event around the corner, you can choose from an extensive array of photo booths. No matter what is your requirement, we at BAM Photo Booths will cater to all your needs and requirements.

With a photo booth, you will add new energy to your party. Everybody wants to be clicked, and when you have different ways of getting clicked, then it is a great feeling altogether. To have an interactive photographic experience, you can also use different smileys and interesting props.

Make your event more extravagant with a photo booth

If you take a picture, you are capturing a moment which you can cherish for years to come. Regardless of the occasion, people have a taste for clicking photos to remember a special day or occasion.

This is where photo booths come into the picture and offer you an experience that is unlike taking pictures using a smartphone or hiring a photographer. Following are some of the reasons how a photobooth can be a great addition to any event –

Capturing a moment

With a photobooth at an event, the invitees get a chance to get clicked with each other and capture the fun of an event. Moreover, these are not just any other photos; these photo booths will provide your guests with high-quality photos. Whether it is a birthday party, a marriage, or any social event, a photo booth will make the event memorable for you and your invitees.


Indeed, taking pictures is a great experience, especially in a photo booth. There is a wide array of backdrops your invitees can use to make their pictures lively. Moreover, they can also use props to make the photo booth come alive. A photo booth at your event will undoubtedly double the fun for your invitees.

Great for everyone

One of the key advantages of having a photo booth is that everyone can use it. Young to old, everyone has a chance to preserve a memory that the special day with a photo booth.

Provision for selfies

We also offer selfie stations. Being internet-connected, touch screen camera kiosk is a great place for individuals and groups to click selfies and also share them on their social platforms. With colorful lighting and creative backdrops, you can take and share a fun photograph.

Why you should opt for a Photo Booth in San Mateo

Bam Photo Booths at San Mateo offers Oval Interactive Mirror Photo Booth and Tower Interactive Mirror Photo Booth. Following are the details and benefits of Photo Booths –

    These photo booths are available with custom welcome screen and template.

    It prints unlimited photos – 4” x 6” prints.

    Available with premium props.

    SMS & Email Sharing.

    Interactive Animations. 

    Simple and easy on-screen instructions.

    Unlimited photos during the event.

    Instant prints the photos.

    Choice of having either black and white or colored photos with a push of a button.

    Customizable to fit your requirements.

    Easy disassembly for portability.

BAM Photo Booth Rentals – San Mateo

Feel free to count on BAM Photo Booths in San Francisco Bay Area for an extensive range of photo booths. We offer a full range of photo booths for your events, be it a birthday party, corporate party, a social event or a marriage. Rest assured you will get the best services to make your event memorable.

What are Photo Booths

In the traditional times, the whole concept of having a photo booth was that a camera would click your photo once you drop a cent into it. However, the times have changed, and so does the photo booths. Nowadays, with the digital photo booth, the whole photo-taking experience has undergone a significant makeover. These photo booths can be spotted at birthday parties, weddings & anniversaries, launch events, prom parties, casino themed fundraisers, graduation night, and various corporate events.

A photo booth mainly comprises of a built-in digital camera, a touch screen, and comes with lots of customizable options that helps make your photograph interesting and lively. What makes photo booths fascinating is that it comes with an option to share the photos via social media platforms as well.

Let us discuss more about photo booths and get to know why they are the talk of the town.   

Book best photo booth Rentals in San mateo

Types of Photo Booths in San Mateo

There are tons of innovative photo booths available out there. Some photo booths are capable of printing photo strips then and there and others can generate digital pictures and even GIFs.

So, let us discuss some of the popular types of photo booths you can opt for.

Retro Mirror Booth

First on the list is Retro Mirror Booth. This is one of the most sought-after photo booths, and it certainly adds a new dimension to your event.

All you need to choose certain options based on which the retro mirror will click your picture. Your invitees also have the option to customize the clicked photos. The prints will be handed over by our attendant at the end of the event.

Key Features –

Full touch screen

Full interactive mirror

Studio flash

Fun competitive games

Sign and Stamp your Photo

Amazing animations

Photo Filters

On-screen animations

Best looking Mirror Booth

Mirror X Photo Booth

It is one of the contemporary photo booths. Get fun pictures of all your invitees with an all-mirror design and all-aluminum body. Add custom GIF animations, use green screen backgrounds, and customize your photos. With unique and modern features, Mirror X easily surpasses other available photo booths out there.

Key Features –

Canon DSLR Camera

High-End PC

Embedded Touch Technology

Special Reinforced Mirror Glass

Custom branded colorful photo countdowns

Voice Guidance

Social Media and Email Sharing

Professional Lighting

High-End PC

High Definition Color Printing


Photo signing or colorful and customizable emoji stamps.

Multi-Touch Support

Gesture and movement detection

Strobe Flash

Screaming Contest

Colorful bright animations in mirror user-flow

Social Games

Embedded Touch Technology

Professional Lighting

High Definition Color Printing

Voice Guidance

Social Media and Email Sharing

Multi-Touch Support

Custom branded colorful photo countdowns

Colorful bright animations in mirror user-flow

Social Games

Gesture and movement detection


Photo signing or colorful and customizable emoji stamps.

Screaming Contest

Strobe Flash

Mirror Photo Booths

This mirror photo booth flaunts a six-inch full-length mirror and your invitees can see themselves in. There is a magic screen behind the two-way mirror. Along with fun props and customized photo prints, this photo booth is certainly a great addition to any event.

Key Features –

Takes great photos.

Sign your name.

Digital copies.

Full-length mirror.

Fully customized prints. 

Text to phone.

Unique props.

Types of Parties Photo Booth in San Mateo

We ensure a first-class experience to all our esteemed customers in San Mateo. Through customizable packages, distinctive & modern photo booths, experienced staff, and cost-effective pricing, we ensure that we deliver the best services to our customers.  

We offer a seamless experience to our customers with added services not typically provided by other companies in the San Mateo. Photo booths are the latest rage in the parties, and they can be made a part of any event or party such as –

    Corporate parties in San Mateo

    Social parties in San Mateo

    Bachelor parties in San Mateo

    House parties in San Mateo

    Private parties in San Mateo

    Trade shows in San Mateo

    Large events in San Mateo

    Retirement parties in San Mateo

    Small events in San Mateo

    Grad Nights in San Mateo

    Prom parties in San Mateo

    Family Reunions in San Mateo

    Poker nights in San Mateo

    Fun games in San Mateo

    Fundraising events in San Mateo

    Client appreciation in San Mateo

    Launch parties in San Mateo

    Casino parties in San Mateo

    Company parties in San Mateo

    Adult parties in San Mateo

    Poker tournaments in San Mateo

    Charity events in San Mateo

    Graduation parties in San Mateo 

    Birthday parties in San Mateo

    Bar & Mitzvah in San Mateo

    Wedding events in San Mateo

Photo booth props for wedding and birthday party in San Mateo

We strive to offer our clients with an extensive range and ever-changing props. Whether you need signs, glasses, masks, hats or any other fun props, you will find them with us. We make custom signs as per the theme of the event as well.  

Cost Element

We make sure that the price is not the spoilsport in making your event a huge success. Owing to this, we have kept affordable prices for offering photo booths in San Mateo CA.

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