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Photo Booth Attendant San Francisco Bay Area CA Job

What Does A Photo Booth Attendant Do?

As a photo booth attendant, you are the face of your business. You need to be present at the venue; it will be your responsibility to assemble and disassemble the photo booth, you should have impeccable people skills as you will have to interact with the invitees, take care of different props, and most importantly handle all the technical issues.

Since you will be representing your company, so you need to be well-dressed and should have a professional code of conduct. It would help if you are particular about this position as it can either break or make your business.

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Photo Booth Attendant – Core Responsibilities

Let us talk through the core responsibilities that you, as a photo booth attendant will be handling.

Set up photo booth

You have to be punctual; this means you have to arrive at the venue one hour before the event. You have to ensure that you have discussed this timeline with your customer, vendor, and the attendant.

If there is a lack of adequate communication, there may be a situation where the attendant may not have the authority to access the facility; this will mean that the photo booth will start late. This is professionally unacceptable and should not happen at any cost.

New Customer

Build rapport with the customer

Before you unload the photo booth equipment, your foremost task should be to get familiar with the customer. Understandably, this may seem like a hassle, that said it exhibits professionalism, and this gesture will surely leave a positive impression on the customer.

Establish the location of the setup

One day before the event, get to know your customers and determine where the photo booth should be deployed. There are probabilities that the customer may inquire about the size of the photo booth, the electrical attachments required, and the provision of apt space for the invitees.

Ideally, the photo booth should be placed in an open space where there is ample space; this will undoubtedly come handy in case the number of invitees is more. As a photo booth attendant, you will have to ensure that you keep the electrical equipment at close proximity to the photo booth. Cables and extension cords should also be concealed.

Carrying the equipment

You will also move the equipment, therefore make sure you avoid hitting the walls and making unnecessary noise.

Repeat Customers

Recognize them for repeat business

You should thank the customer for choosing your company once again. This act of gratitude will show that the customer remembers that you have served them earlier as well, and you have shown professionalism owing to which they have chosen you over other companies.

Interact with guests

Encourage the guests to use the photo booth  

Most of the time, the guests will be a little hesitant to use the photo booth, so as an attendant, you should invite the guests to use the booth and ensure they have a great time.

Demonstrate how to use the photo booth

Once the invitees enter the photo booth, your task is to explain about the on-screen buttons and how to take a picture. It will be considered a good gesture if you let the invitees know how many pictures will be clicked and where to look as the invitees are often tempted to look more on the screen instead of the camera.

Assist the invitees to position for the shot

Probabilities are that the invitees may not know where to stand or sit in the photo booth. This is where you, as an attendant, will guide all the invitees to position themselves for the shot.

Encourage props

As a photo booth attendant, you should guide the invitees where the props are kept or ask if they would like to use a particular prop. At times, it is a great move to pick up a witty prop for any of the invitees and let them know that it would look great on them. Be respectful of the invitees who choose not to use the props, but make sure you offer them.

Sort Props

Props getting dirty is quite common, so as an attendant, you have to ensure that you have antibacterial wipes so that you can clean the props that are used throughout the event. Having antibacterial wipes are important during winters and flu season.

Keep the props neat

Keep the props in a box and keep shuffling the less-used props after regular intervals. In case the props are on the table, you should sort the props so that the invitees get to choose them as per their liking. Having a clean prop table will give the photo booth center an appealing and inviting look.

Resolve Technical Issues  

As a photo booth attendant, you need to possess all the skills and proficiency to resolve any technical issues as soon as possible. It would be best if you have patience, and it is important to stay calm and collective during such situations. Your customer will be occupied, so try not to disturb the customer unless it is a serious issue.

Let us discuss some of the common issues, along with their fixes. Although these fixes are not foolproof; however, it is an excellent place to give training to the attendant so that he/she can resolve the technical issues.

Minor Issues      

Disconnected cables – Usually, loose cables can be seen in any event, and the guests usually trip over these cords and cables. Therefore, as an attendant, you should conceal the cables and make your best efforts to keep them away from the invitees’ way as much as possible.

Printer needs – You should be aware of the printer paper all the time. It is always better to keep a check. You should also know how to change the printer paper and roll.

Knowledge of Photo Booth software – In case, the printer software freezes or there is a technical issue, you should know how to tackle this situation, most of the times, restarting the software will resolve the issue.

Major Issues

Printer not working – As an attendant, your first step will be to check whether the cables are connected and restart the printer along with the photo booth software. If the issue still persists, restart the computer.

Camera flash not working – If the camera flash is not working, you should restart the camera.

Critical Issues

 Printer not turning on – Usually, this is not considered a critical issue if you are using social media.

 Computer not turning on – You need to check the source of power, whether it is providing power and ensure that the power strips are set to “on”.

Camera not turning on – You need to follow three steps for this –

First, you need to restart the camera.

Restart the software.

Restart the computer.

Dismantling the Photo Booth

The photo booth attendant should not rush to tear down the equipment and should only do the same as per the decided time. The only exception that exists here is when the invitees have asked you to wrap up early, which rarely happens.

Inform the invitees that you are tearing downYou should thank the invitees for choosing your services for the event. Inform the invitees that the photo booth is closed, and you are about to tear down.

 Turn off the lights and camera – You have to turn off the lights and the computer to show that you are tearing down.

Pack up – It is your responsibility to tear down everything and transport the equipment to the vehicle.

What to expect from a photo booth attendant in San Francisco Bay Area?

Dress Code – You should be dressed as per the established dress code.

Punctuality – As an attendant, you will have to be at the venue before time and setup the photo booth before the event starts.

Amiable – You have to be cheerful, greet the invitees, and invite them to the booth.

Tech-savvy – You should be able to handle all the computer issues independently and provide prompt solutions for computer-related problems.

Patience – Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you may have to face an unpleasant situation. At this point, you will have to handle the invitees courteously and simultaneously resolve the issue with patience.

Wrap Up

Photo booth attendant position is, undoubtedly, challenging, but at the same time, it does offer an exciting experience. The position does require the attendant to have impeccable customer service skills, depending on oneself to carry out different things, and being tech-savvy will be an added advantage.

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